Current Board & Committees


*Co-Chairs: Kathleen Angel and Mif Flaharty

Serve as contacts for WoF; preside at Board meetings and general meetings; work with all Teams to coordinate activities

*Secretary: Robin Williams

Takes and maintains minutes; sends meeting notices to appropriate people

Assistant Secretary: vacant

*Treasurer: Ellen Spin

Maintains WoF financial records; prepares the annual budget; manages the organization’s money

Asst. Treasurer: Barbara Cleveland

*The Executive Committee of the Board - Elected Officers


The Board of Women of Fearrington is comprised of the elected officers (Executive Committee) and Team Leaders.


Ensures WoF's ability to support programs serving women and children of Chatham County by planning events that appeal to our community and supports the Wonderful Options Fund

Community Outreach Committees:

Special Events - Barbara Gilbert

Plans and coordinates the holiday and spring luncheons

Cooking Classes - Renuka Jain

Organizes cooking classes open to all - FV residents and others

Restaurant Give-Back - vacant

Wonderful Options Fund - Linda Smith


Encourages Galloway Ridge residents to participate in WoF activities, posts notices of events, and distributes brochures

MEMBERSHIP: Mary Ann Petruska and Kerry Lane

Recruits new members and retains past members; maintains membership records; provides reusable name tags for use at meetings; provides information at the sign-up table

Membership Committees:

Birthday Luncheon - Eileen McCorry

Arranges monthly (second Thursday at 11:45) luncheons at area restaurants based on Women of Fearrington members’ birth months to promote social interaction among members, collects the participants’ donated children’s books for CORA.

Welcome - Barbara Fearrington and Jo Anne Rosenfeld

Plans and implements small gatherings for new residents; provides information about WoF and invites attendees to join; provides info about the surrounding community and answers any questions

PROGRAMS: Tracy Bailey

Plans programs and engages monthly speakers to inform and entertain the Women of Fearrington

PUBLICITY & COMMUNICATION: Joyce Brennan and Patricia Biggers

Prepares annual brochure; writes and launches email blasts; creates and distributes posters promoting monthly meetings and special events; writes website articles and maintains web site, creates press releases promoting WoF events, programs, and activities; works closely with other teams to supply publicity as requested. Members of the team include writers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers.

ROAD TRIPS: Mif Flaharty

Plans, books, and organizes docent-led trips to a variety of local places; organizes lunches in conjunction with trips for those interested

SOCIAL & HOSPITALITY: Jo Bolig and Eileen McCorry

Hospitality Team: enlists food donations from members for monthly meetings; displays snacks and drinks on hospitality table; serves and cleans up

REACHING CHATHAM'S CHILDREN: Cathy Somer and Adrienne Lallo

Provides volunteer readers and tutors who read to whole classes and individual children at pre-schools, elementary schools, and an early childhood development centers in Chatham County; provides remedial reading help; mentors children needing extra reading support; presents each child with a book as a gift from the WoF at the end of the school year


WEBMASTER: Robin Williams