Sponsorship Program Details

Our Sponsorship Program, gives local businesses the opportunity to help the ever-increasing number of women and children in need in Chatham County.

We are very grateful to the many businesses that have shown their appreciation of WoF’s efforts in the past by placing ads in our publications supporting our typically annual fundraising events, paying up to $500 for a full-page ad. By comparison, our Sponsorship Program would put the name of your business in front of our members and our wider community for an entire program year, and we will have only one sponsor from each type of business.

WoF’s publicity for its many events and other activities reaches a captive audience of approximately 3,000 engaged, active, well-educated, upper-income residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge, the adjacent continuing care community.

Please note that 100% of all sponsorship contributions will go directly to the grants awarded in each spring by Women of Fearrington to nonprofit organizations that support women and children in need in Chatham County.

Sponsorship Details

  • WoF will accept only one sponsor from each business type. Your business will be the only realtor, doctor, contractor, lawyer, etc.
  • WoF will list sponsors on all publicity communications with our members—eblasts, posters, Village-wide newsletters, announcements, etc.
  • WoF will display sponsors’ names during our general meetings, which are held from September through May, and at all other WoF events.
  • At each gathering, WoF will have a sponsors’ table on which you are invited to place informational material.
  • WoF will offer two free tickets to any WoF fundraising event that is not held at Fearrington Village’s Gathering Place (which is restricted to residents only).
  • If WoF has a fundraising event with a program brochure during the year, all sponsors will be listed on a sponsorship page. Sponsors are welcome to purchase additional advertising at a discount.
  • 100% of your sponsorship fee will be granted to 501(c)(3) organizations that support women and children in Chatham County.
  • Sponsorship cost: $1,000

Grants awarded in 2019