Women of Fearrington History

Women of Fearrington, Inc., began in 1987 as the Fearrington Women's Club, a social club for Village women. In 2008, the group expanded to include Galloway Ridge residents and revised its mission to embrace a changing constituency and changing interests.

Renamed Women of Fearrington, the group incorporated in 2011 and is now a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization, a designation that will enhance the organization's effectiveness in supporting grant projects that aid Chatham County's women and children.

WoF is committed to nurturing, educating and entertaining its members, fostering their friendships with others and strengthening involvement in the Fearrington/Galloway Ridge community as well as Pittsboro and Chatham County.

Fearrington Women’s Club/Women of Fearrington Chairs 1987 to Current

2021-22 Kathleen Angel & Barbara Gilbert

2020-21 Kathleen Angel & Mif Flaharty

2019-20 Vicki Hooper & Robin Williams

2018-19 Vicki Hooper

2017-18 Barbara Gilbert & Gillian Rogers

November 2016-June 2017 Judy Abrams

July-October 2016 Judy Abrams & Betsy Anderson

2015-16 Judy Abrams & Betsy Anderson

2014-15 Cathy Somer & Donna Stewart

2013-14 Barbara Benjamin & Kay Irish

2012-13 Ann Lea & Eileen Linz

2011-12 Daphne Rhodes & Penny Thompson

2010-11 Sally Muncie & Gretchen Redden

2009-10 Nancy Foster & Diane Taylor

2008-09 Rhoda Davis & Janet Lorant

2007-08 Linda Taft & Barbara Thompson

2006-07 Norma Berry

2005-06 Norma Berry

2004-05 Madge Briggs

2003-04 Cathy Hummel

2002-03 Dorothy Alexander

2001-02 Nancy Foster

2000-01 Carol Vatter

1999-2000 Carol Vatter

1998-99 Kathy Geoghan

1997-98 Jeannette Strylewski

1996-97 Ann Taylor

1995-96 Heather Boschardt

1994-95 Connie Rende

1993-94 Pat Morse

1992-93 Barbara Smith

1991-92 Mary Alice Slavin

1990-91 Virginia Toole

1989-90 Ann Bickell

1988-89 Nan Dillon

1987-88 Dot Reilly